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When disaster strikes, we understand your goals of minimizing business interruption and lessening the liabilities of property loss.


As your local full-service restoration contractor, Kennedy can help you restore any residence, any time of day.

Emergency Services

Any time, day or night our emergency crews stand ready to respond to your damage control needs. Quick response matters when disaster strikes.

Board Up Services

One of the most important services provided by a fire restoration service company is to board up the affected premises.

Water Extraction

We provide water damage repair services, and we handle all jobs efficiently, getting the water out of your home and property minimizing the restoration costs.

Drying & Dehumidification

Prompt response to your water damage is crucial to preventing unnecessary damage to your home or office.

Mold Remediation

When a home suffers a water damage event, a mold infestation can quickly arise and spread throughout a home and property in 48-72 hours.

Sewage and Grey Water Clean Up and Decontamination

Kennedy Restoration has the knowledge to deal with sewage and grey water, protecting both your health and your properties.

Contents Inventory, Moving, Storage and Cleaning

We specialize in the inventory, moving, storage and cleaning of your contents during the repair process.

Temporary Electric and Heat Services

We supply electricity and heat to the construction site while provisions are being made for permanent supply and installation.

Trauma Scene/Biohazard Cleanup

Kennedy Restoration has been doing trauma and biohazard cleanup for 15 years.

Auto Impact

When a vehicle slams into a home or business, the results are disastrous to the structure, requiring immediate board up and oftentimes temporary shoring and contents removal.