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With colder temperatures looming it is important to prepare your property ahead of the winter months. This is important to increase the efficiency and safety of your home and also to prevent any potential property damages. We have highlighted some quick and efficient ways to prepare your property below. 

  • It is important to clean out all gutters and if able to install leaf guards. Preventing a build up of material in your gutters will allow for water to drain properly and avoid freezing. Proper drainage will also help prevent water damage and moisture that can result in mold damage as well.

  • If you live in an area that may receive freezing temperatures be sure to protect your water pipes. Insulate any pipes that may be susceptible to freezing. Detach and drain any gardening hoses and store them for the winter. Be sure to shut off any valves and insulate outdoor taps.This will help prevent potential burst pipes and water damage to your property.

  • A quick, easy, and inexpensive way to improve your home’s efficiency is to insulate windows as well as placing weatherstripping and draft guards on doors. Window insulation film is inexpensive and can dramatically decrease the amount of heat lost through windows. You should also examine windows and doors for gaps that air can travel through, these can be filled with caulk.

  • In order to conserve energy do some basic heating system maintenance. This can include flushing your water heater to remove any sediment. Also insulating your hot water pipes will keep the water warm and prevent your heater from over working.
  • These are some additional quick and easy things you can do around the house. Place covers over electrical outlets with gaskets. Reverse or set your ceiling fan so that warm air is pushed down into the living space. Install a programmable thermostat to keep temps lower when you are not home. Change filters in central air or heating systems. Install a chimney balloon.