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We’ve been using our Matterport 3D scanning camera for a few years now to record losses. We love its capabilities and have only begun to scratch the surface of how we can implement our own information to inform the customer and help our estimators and technicians do their job more effectively.

When a loss gets called in, we send our camera person out to scan the building. They wear appropriate protective gear given the type of damage to the building.

The 3D scan provides visual information as well as LIDAR data that gives us dimensional information. Our estimators can use this data to help easily figure out dimensions of doors, rooms, countertops, etc. It helps them calculate materials and other technical specifications without being on-site.

We can add moisture logs, photos, and videos to these scans to really aid our process. We are excited to see what the future holds for this technology for our employees and customers. Feel free to click around on an example scan below. We’ll be posting more tours in the future.