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Rain is on the way, are you ready?

Rain is on the way, are you ready?

Rain is headed our way this weekend, and from what the weather report says there could be a lot of it!  After a long dry spell like the one we’ve had over the summer, heavy rains are more likely to turn into small floods as the hard, dry ground will not be as absorbent.  To make sure the weather this weekend doesn’t cause any damage to your home, we have a few tips to help you prepare!




  • Get your yard ready for the rain by running a metal rake over the tops of shrubs and flower beds to loosen the soil. This will allow the dirt to better absorb the excess moisture.  This should only take you a few minutes, but you might prevent rain water from pooling or causing a small flood.


  • Close all of your vents and windows. This sounds like an easy step, but if you forget to do so you could end up with some costly damage! Remember to check rooms that are easily forgotten, like your basement or attic where you may have opened windows when it was so hot.


  • Clean out your gutters. The leaves aren’t falling yet, but other debris can clog up your gutters.  Clean gutters will ensure that excess rain water has proper runoff from your roof.


  • Know your roof! Don’t be blindsided by roof damage in the middle of a rain storm.  Make sure to get annual inspections and know when your roof is in need of repair.


  • Is there a roadside grate near your home? Make sure it is clear of debris, as swift moving runoff can quickly get backed up.  Keep an eye on the grate when it really starts to pour to make sure it is still draining water effectively.

Stay dry out there this weekend!

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