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Kennedy Restoration’s Property Emergency Program

Kennedy Restoration’s Property Emergency Program



September is National Preparedness Month!  Throughout this month of awareness, we will be bringing to you tips and ideas to help you and your family be prepared in case of an emergency.


  • As you may know, Kennedy Restoration is the local expert in emergency response services of all kinds.  What you may not know is that we are also experts in preparing for emergencies.  Proper preparation for emergencies and natural disasters can prevent further damage to property, ensure that all occupants are equipped with the knowledge to respond properly and ensure peace of mind knowing that a plan is in order should disaster strike.  Our Property Emergency Program is designed to assist you in structuring an emergency response plan that is tailored to your specific needs.  This program is exclusive to Kennedy, 100% complimentary, and involves these 3 key components:
  • A Property Preparation Walk.  A Kennedy Restoration emergency services coordinator performs a thorough walk of your property to get familiar with the general layout, locate water main and sprinkler shut offs, and to discuss access in the event that we are called out on a loss.  We keep an online record of property specifics so that our water mitigation team is well prepared and familiar with your property before disaster strikes.
  • A Property Preparation Plan. We will work with the Property Manager to create an Emergency Preparation binder that includes all important phone numbers, procedures, and actions, that are necessary for various types of emergencies.  If the property already has an emergency binder, we would be happy to review it and assist in updating it if needed.
  • Property Preparation Training. We will provide emergency preparation training for companies during their team meetings if they desire.

This program is currently designed for apartment communities or facilities.  Interested in scheduling your free emergency assessment?  Contact us today at our Oregon or Washington offices.

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