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Employee Highlight – Quinn O’Rourke

Here at Kennedy Restoration we pride ourselves on the quality of work we are able to deliver to our customers.  A factor that greatly contributes to our expertise in the industry is our fantastic group of employees.  The employee highlights portion of our blog was created to give you the opportunity to get to know the tremendous staff of Kennedy Restoration.  Today we invite you to meet one of our estimators, Quinn O’Rourke!



“I am new to the restoration industry, although I started with Kennedy Feb 2nd 2015 I have been working in the construction industry for 13 years, mostly in commercial and residential HVAC and for the last 5 ½ years working in solar construction.

I really enjoy the different types of work that come with restoration. All the details that go into having to take something apart and putting it all back together again has been a great learning experience. Working at Kennedy has really helped me discover new areas of Portland that I might not normally ever get to see.

Being offered a career at Kennedy was the major push for moving to Portland. I have family that lives here and whenever my wife (Rachel O’Rourke) and I would go visit for the holidays, we would always talk about the idea of moving here someday.  I have always enjoyed this city for all that has to offer for our four kids.



When I’m not working, I like to spend as much time outside as I can: taking the family and our dogs to one of the hundreds of great hiking places nearby, running, lifting weights, camping, and snowboarding. We are a very active family. There are so many great outdoor places to explore so close to Portland!”


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