What to do during an earthquake

What can we learn from this video?  The recent earthquake in Los Angeles should serve as a reminder that an earthquake, no matter how benign or severe, can strike at any time.  While it is important to properly prepare for such an event, we need to know how to react when an earthquake does strike.

If you are indoors when during an earthquake, ready.gov encourages you to DROP, COVER and HOLD ON!

  • DROP to the ground!
  • COVER yourself under a structure or heavy furniture!
  • HOLD ON to something stable around you until the shaking has subsided
  • Move away from windows and glass doors
  • Stay indoors until all is clear
  • Do not use elevators

If you are outdoors:

  • Stay clear of power lines, street lamps or anything that could fall on you
  • Move away from buildings as debris can come lose and fall
  • If you are near the ocean, listen for tsunami alerts and make your way to higher ground

If you are driving:

  • Pull over when it is safe to do so
  • If possible, avoid stopping under trees, lamp posts or over passes
  • Drive cautiously after the shaking has stopped, roadways and bridges may have been damaged

Most importantly, when you find yourself in an earthquake do not panic.  Remember what you have learned and react accordingly to avoid injury.

So, how was this news anchors reaction to the earthquake?