Time to change your furnace filter!

While some home maintenance projects are expensive and time consuming, others are quick, easy and inexpensive; like changing your furnace filter!  By routinely changing your furnace filter, you will be maintaining a necessary element of your home and save yourself money in the process.  A dirty furnace clogged with debris, dust and pet hair has the potential to work inefficiently, causing your monthly energy bills to increase and shortening the life of the unit. If you suffer from allergies, a clean furnace filter is necessary to breathe easy.  Regardless of the cleanliness of your home, a dirty furnace filter will circulate dust and dander around your house causing aggravation for those with allergies.  If your family complains of congestion, you notice a musty smell in your home or more dust has collected than is to be expected, it might be time to change your furnace filter.  Here is a short video to help you take care of this simple, but necessary chore: