Summer Barbecue Safety Tips

Nothing announces the arrival of summer more than a great backyard barbecue!  It’s a chance to gather your friends and family, cook a great meal and enjoy the summer air. While these get-togethers are relaxed and laidback, it’s important to remember some safety tips to keep your property safe from fire damage.


1.  Keep your grill a safe distance from your home.  Make sure you are not too close to your roof eaves/awnings and away from vinyl siding.  While it may not be close enough to start a fire, it could potentially melt resulting in damage to the home.

2.  If you use charcoal, make sure it is completely extinguished before emptying it into the trash.  Even a day after your event there could be some lingering embers, so be sure so douse them thoroughly with water.

 3.  Have a fire extinguisher handy and know how to properly use it.  While you may not anticipate your grill getting out of hand, accidents do happen and it is important to be prepared.

4.  Inspect your grill to ensure safety.  Know your grill well, examine gas lines and tanks for any dents or punctures.

5.  Protect yourself and others!  Be sure to wear the proper attire for grilling and have the necessary utensils handy.  Long sleeves will protect you from flying embers or grease and long grilling tools will keep you at a safe distance from the heat of the grill.  Keep an eye on small children and make sure they keep their distance from any heat source.

We hope you are enjoying your summer so far!