September is Emergency Preparedness month!

Emergencies can come in all shapes and sizes: from a localized power outage affecting only those in your neighborhood to a large scale earthquake impacting an entire region.  It is important to be ready for an emergency situation no matter what the scale. 

 But what does it really mean for your family to prepare for such an event?  Here is what NOT to do!

 Here are a few helpful links to get you started building your emergency kit and talking about emergency preparedness with your family:


  1. provides you with a Family Emergency Plan form to help get you started.  This handy form requires you to fill out plenty of helpful information in case of an emergency. 
  2. is great way to acknowledge emergency preparedness month.  Each day presents an opportunity for you to expand your emergency kit, learn some new tips and even win prizes! 
  3. Northwest Gas Association is participating in emergency preparedness month by hosting free, informative workshops.  Find one your region here
  4. Check out our previous posts on Emergency Preparedness;,,

Feel free to share your tips with us!