Kennedy Restoration’s Safer Communities Award

Kennedy Restoration is proud to announce that we have received the Safer Communities Award from the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue organization.  Kennedy was presented this award for our continued commitment to public safety.  We are honored that TVF&R has recognized us for our efforts and we thank them for acknowledging us with this award.  The following excerpt was taken from the Portland Tribune:

 “This year’s Safer Communities Award was presented to Kennedy Restoration for their commitment to public safety through financial support of TVF&R’s Landlord Training Workshops. These workshops are pivotal in helping landlords understand fire behavior, common fire causes and reduction of hazards, as well as the fire inspection process. These workshops also provide landlords with free educational materials that they can use to help educate tenant about smoke alarms and home fire escape planning.”

 Again, we thank Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue for this award and look forward to continued service in our community.

Safety award