Keep cool with these hot tips!

With temperature in the 80s and 90s this week, those of us in the Pacific Northwest are looking for ways to keep beat the heat! While your home may be equipped with air conditioning, here are a few ways to keep your house nice and cool, with or without ac:

Shade your home on the east and west sides with trees or awnings to limit the amount of heat that gets trapped in your home. Cover windows with effective screens or shades to reduce the sunlight that will warm up your house. Open windows in the evening hours to let hot air out and cool air in.

Limit activities such as running the dishwasher or dryer until the evening hours of the day. When possible, do not use the stove top or oven to prepare food. Eating cold meals will actually help to cool your body!

Utilize fans! Window fans can work to create airflow throughout your home; ceiling fans will help to circulate stagnant, hot air.

Treat hot weather similarly as you would cold. Make sure your home is well insulated with effective seals around windows and doors. Keeping hot air outside of your home to maintain internal temperature requires similar insulation and sealant as you would use in the winter months to keep cold air out.

Enjoy the sunny weather!

A beautiful summer sunset!

A beautiful summer sunset!