Holiday Decorating Safety Tips!

Are your holiday decorations up yet?  Here are a few tips to help keep you safe while you are getting into the holiday spirit!


Indoor safety:

  • If you buy an artificial tree, check to make sure that it is fire resistant.
  • Always keep your tree well watered; a dry tree is far more dangerous and likely to catch fire then one that is in good condition.
  • Keep your tree at least 3 feet from all heat sources to prevent fire damage.
  • Check your lights for signs of damage before plugging them in.  There shouldn’t be any signs of fraying or cracking to the cords, or the connections to the socket.  If you do notice damage toss those lights and get a new set to replace them.
  • Don’t leave lights running while you sleep or are away from your home.


Outdoor safety:

  • Make sure that the lights on your house and in your yard are intended to be used outdoors.
  • Use caution when using a ladder.  Always make sure you are on level ground, that your ladder is well supported and you have someone supervising your activity.
  • Outdoor lights should be plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet.  Having your lights plugged in incorrectly can result in shock or injury.
  • No more than 3 sets of lights should be strung together from one outlet or extension cord.  Use caution when using extension cords; they have the ability to overheat, causing electrical damage and or fire hazards.
  • Do not hang your lights with items that can pinch or pierce your lights, such as nails and screws.  Instead, use hooks that are intended for hanging lights can prevent damage to your lights and home while protecting you from injury!