Halloween Safety Tips

It’s the spookiest time of year: Halloween!  This is a wonderful season for children of all ages to dress up, decorate and give out treats.  While Halloween is fun for the whole family there are some important guidelines to follow to make it as safe and enjoyable as possible.  Make sure to keep children safe while they go out to collect their goodies and keep a few of these safety tips in mind:


  1. Do not allow children to trick or treat alone.  Go in groups along with trusted adults.
  2. Make sure costumes are visible by drivers; attach reflective tape if necessary.  Have children carry a flashlight or glow sticks for safety.
  3. Examine all candy before allowing your child to consume it.  Look for packaging that appears altered or tampered with; dispose of anything that look suspicious.
  4. Follow all pedestrian laws and use cross walks and proceed into the street with caution.  Use sidewalks whenever possible and avoid heavily trafficked areas.
  5. Drivers: be on high alert for children in the road.  The most popular trick-or-treating time is between 5:30 and 9:30 so take extra care while driving at these times.
  6. Don’t eat too much candy in one sitting and be sure to take care of those teeth!
  7. Use battery operated candles in pumpkins and decorations.  Flame candles can easily be knocked over and create a fire hazard.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!