Camping Safety Tips

Looks like we are getting a taste of summer weather a little early this year! With temperatures already in the 90s it’s time to get out there and enjoy the sun. In the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to have many beautiful places to camp and take weekend trips. Plan for your exploration properly to have as much fun as possible!CAMPING SAFETY

  1. Know the area you are traveling to and prepare accordingly. Is your vehicle properly equipped? Do you know what weather to expect? Checking on these key items before you venture out on your trip will make your adventure much more enjoyable!
  2. Always let someone know where you are headed. Should something go wrong, it’s important that someone knows exactly where you were going and when you planned to return.
  3. Arrive at your destination with enough daylight to properly set up camp. This will allow you to scope out the best spot for your tent and fire pit so you can enjoy the rest of your trip! Check over your camp site for hazards such as poisonous plants or bee hives.
  4. Fire safety is very important at all times, but especially while camping. Set up your fire far from your tent, shrubs and low hanging trees. Never leave a fire unattended and always complete extinguish flames and coals before leaving a campsite. Drown coals in water to ensure no embers are left.
  5. Keep your food sealed and in a safe place where animals cannot access it. Never feed wild animals, this is potentially dangerous for both you and the forest creatures. Admire wildlife from a distance, but do not to interact with the animals you encounter.
  6. Pack a well stocked first aid kit. Double check your kit before your leave on your trip to make sure all equipment is present. Make sure your emergency kit is well stocked too. Check to make sure you have small, but crucial items like batteries.
  7. Leave your campsite better than you found it! Remove all trash and debris, even if it was there before you!

Now get out there and enjoy the sun!