Choosing the right mower for your lawn

Spring has sprung! Last week we discussed how to spruce up your home for summer events; did you take on any of those tasks yet? Yard care takes time, effort and the right tools for the job. Taking care of your lawn takes a lot of work so be sure you have the proper mower to take on the task! We’ve compared some of the more popular styles of lawn mowers to help you pick which is appropriate for your outdoor space.


Manual Reel Mowers – Reel mowers function by manually pushing the mower while blades spin to cut the grass. These lawn mowers are effective for small, flat yards. With no motor, they are light, quiet and require less maintenance. The disadvantages of this mower are that they can be difficult to push through anything more than a few inches of grass and is not intended easy to push uphill.

Electric Mowers – Like the manual mower, the electric motor is quiet and requires no oil or gas. It is best for smaller lawns with little to no climbing. The corded electric mower can be limiting when it comes to maneuvering, so again if you an expansive area to cover, the corded electric mower may not be the ideal choice for you. The cordless electric mower is similar to the corded version without the hassle of wiring. This mower runs on a battery, so smaller yards are no problem, but the battery may run out for larger jobs. Some of these mowers are assisted, but this will cost you battery life.

Walk Behind Push Mowers – These are the entry level, engine powered motors. They can take on thicker, deep grass and weeds with a motor that is more powerful than those of an electric motor. These won’t be your best choice if you have some hills to mow, but they will do just fine for a nice, flat lawn.

Walk Behind Self-Propelled Mowers – These gas powered mowers have a drive train that propels the mower forward. The assistance will make it far easier to mow a yard with varying terrain and grade. Most of these mowers are adjustable so you are able to modify them to match your pace.

Small to Medium Powered Riding Mowers – These entry level riding mowers are great for taking on most any lawn with gentle grades. They tend to run a little slower than riding mowers with a larger motor, but it still will take you less time than a push mower.

Lawn Tractors – Lawn tractors are fantastic for very large yards and have the advantage of being multifunctional. If you have a lot of space to cover, the lawn tractor