Rain is on the way, are you ready?

Rain is headed our way this weekend, and from what the weather report says there could be a lot of it!  After a long dry spell like the one we’ve had over the summer, heavy rains are more likely to turn into small floods as the hard, dry ground will not be as absorbent.  To make sure the weather this weekend doesn’t cause any damage to your home, we have a few tips to help you prepare!




  • Get your yard ready for the rain by running a metal rake over the tops of shrubs and flower beds to loosen the soil. This will allow the dirt to better absorb the excess moisture.  This should only take you a few minutes, but you might prevent rain water from pooling or causing a small flood.


  • Close all of your vents and windows. This sounds like an easy step, but if you forget to do so you could end up with some costly damage! Remember to check rooms that are easily forgotten, like your basement or attic where you may have opened windows when it was so hot.


  • Clean out your gutters. The leaves aren’t falling yet, but other debris can clog up your gutters.  Clean gutters will ensure that excess rain water has proper runoff from your roof.


  • Know your roof! Don’t be blindsided by roof damage in the middle of a rain storm.  Make sure to get annual inspections and know when your roof is in need of repair.


  • Is there a roadside grate near your home? Make sure it is clear of debris, as swift moving runoff can quickly get backed up.  Keep an eye on the grate when it really starts to pour to make sure it is still draining water effectively.

Stay dry out there this weekend!

5 signs of water damage

Have you noticed a new stain on your ceiling? A funny smell when you walk into your basement? These could be indications that your home has water damage! Here are a few tips to help you determine if a water intrusion is affecting your home:

1. Water stains: Whether you are purchasing a new home or water stains appear in your current residence, water stains are not to be ignored. If there is no clear indication where the water is coming from, hire an expert to inspect your home and find the source of intrusion.

Stained wood due to water damage

Stained wood due to water damage

2. Musty smells: Have you noticed a change in odor in your home? Perhaps it smells damp, moldy, or musty. These can all be indications that your home is experiencing water damage; perhaps somewhere you don’t spend as much time like the attic or basement. Examine these often ignored areas thoroughly and call in a professional if the source cannot be found. If left unattended, the cause of the odor could cause costly damage.

3. Warped walls and floors: Water damage can cause wood to swell, resulting in buckling and bulging floors or walls. The longer the moisture sits in these spaces, the more extensive the damage can be. If you notice these changes in your home, address it immediately.

Buckled floors due to water damage

Buckled floors due to water damage

4. Inspect your pipes: Catching water damage before it starts can save you a lot of time and money. Check the pipes in your home for signs of leaking, corrosion or damage. Inspect caulking around sinks and bathtubs for signs of erosion. Inspect the water heater, making sure there are no signs of moisture or damage.

Exposed pipes

Exposed pipes with indications of water damage

5. Check the exterior of your home: Proper flashing, a well maintained roof, and correct run off from your home can help to prevent water damage. Check that your shingles are not cracked or missing and flashing is intact. Should you notice standing water outside your home you may need to asses run off and have the issue addressed.



Our hope is that you never have to call us for an issue with water damage! By knowing the indications of potential water damage to your home and how to respond, you can reduce your chances of unexpected home repair costs. Should you experience water damage to you home though, Kennedy Restoration can provide you with the knowledge and experience to make sure the issue is properly addressed.

Ask the Estimator!

Welcome to Ask the Estimator, where we pick the brains of the professionals who have seen it all! Today’s question went to estimator Jason Stephens. Jason came to Kennedy Restoration in 2013 with plenty of experience to contribute to the company. With 15 years in construction, 9 years in restoration and 6 years as an estimator, he is a wealth of knowledge!


The Question:

“What can I do prepare for severe damage to my home by water, fire, storm or other such events?”


The Answer:


  1. Know the risks for the area you live in – Planning for the worst differs depending on location, climate, and proximity to trees, elevation and many other factors. Understand the events that could affect your property and plan for them accordingly.
  2. Know your coverage – Make sure your insurance information is current and easy to find when you need it. Have all the necessary information to contact your representative handy and ready to go, should you have to leave your home during an emergency. Know your coverage limits and special endorsements (code upgrade, mold coverage, flood insurance, etc…).
  3. Know your home – Know where to shut off your water in case of leaking or pipe breakage. Any amount of water that is contained could potentially further damage. The more quickly you can shut off the running water, the less damage could be caused.
  4. Know your fire extinguishers – In case of a fire, make sure your fire extinguishers are in working order and everyone in the family knows how to use them properly. Inspect your extinguishers monthly and check the gauge to see when replacement or repair is needed.
  5. Know your emergency plan – Have a well stocked emergency kit with back up lighting and make sure all family members know its location. Run emergency evacuation plans with everyone in your household, making sure that all emergency exits are identified.


If you have a question to ask one of our estimators, send it our way!

5 easy ways to prevent water damage


Water damage: it can be costly and aggravating at its best or dangerous and destructive at its worst.  While some circumstances (like weather) cannot be avoided, there are ways that we can safeguard our homes against some of the most basic forms of water damage.  In our experience, there are a handful of preventative measures that can be followed to avoid potentially expensive damage.  Here are a few helpful tips to protect your home:   

  1. Install toilet seat locks in your bathroom if you have small children in the home.  This is not only a safety measure, but could protect your home from a toilet overflow!  Small children will often place items in the toilet and flush them, causing damage to the water lines and clogging the system. 
  2. Ice makes are a common culprit when investigating the source of water damage in the kitchen.  Use copper or heavy braided lines to supply water to your icemaker.  Keep these lines in mind when moving your refrigerator and be sure never to bend or kink the icemaker lines.   Dishwasher lines can also easily cause damage, so take care when installing, moving or adjusting this appliance as well. 
  3. Similar to icemakers and dishwashers, washing machine supply lines require care and maintenance.  Rubber washing machine lines are only rated to last 5 years. When was the last time you changed yours?
  4. While skylights can provide beautiful, natural light in your home, they can also be a source of water damage if not maintained with regularity.  Check skylight seals periodically to make sure they are not leaking or rotting. 
  5. Take care of your sewer lines or call a professional to do so for you!  Install backflow preventers in your sewer line if you live on a slope or at the bottom of a hill.

Should you experience any sort of water damage, be sure to take care of it immediately to prevent ongoing damage.  As always, Kennedy Restoration is here to help should you experience any sort of water damage. 

Kennedy Restoration’s Safer Communities Award

Kennedy Restoration is proud to announce that we have received the Safer Communities Award from the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue organization.  Kennedy was presented this award for our continued commitment to public safety.  We are honored that TVF&R has recognized us for our efforts and we thank them for acknowledging us with this award.  The following excerpt was taken from the Portland Tribune:

 “This year’s Safer Communities Award was presented to Kennedy Restoration for their commitment to public safety through financial support of TVF&R’s Landlord Training Workshops. These workshops are pivotal in helping landlords understand fire behavior, common fire causes and reduction of hazards, as well as the fire inspection process. These workshops also provide landlords with free educational materials that they can use to help educate tenant about smoke alarms and home fire escape planning.”

 Again, we thank Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue for this award and look forward to continued service in our community.

Safety award