5 signs of water damage

Have you noticed a new stain on your ceiling? A funny smell when you walk into your basement? These could be indications that your home has water damage! Here are a few tips to help you determine if a water intrusion is affecting your home:

1. Water stains: Whether you are purchasing a new home or water stains appear in your current residence, water stains are not to be ignored. If there is no clear indication where the water is coming from, hire an expert to inspect your home and find the source of intrusion.

Stained wood due to water damage

Stained wood due to water damage

2. Musty smells: Have you noticed a change in odor in your home? Perhaps it smells damp, moldy, or musty. These can all be indications that your home is experiencing water damage; perhaps somewhere you don’t spend as much time like the attic or basement. Examine these often ignored areas thoroughly and call in a professional if the source cannot be found. If left unattended, the cause of the odor could cause costly damage.

3. Warped walls and floors: Water damage can cause wood to swell, resulting in buckling and bulging floors or walls. The longer the moisture sits in these spaces, the more extensive the damage can be. If you notice these changes in your home, address it immediately.

Buckled floors due to water damage

Buckled floors due to water damage

4. Inspect your pipes: Catching water damage before it starts can save you a lot of time and money. Check the pipes in your home for signs of leaking, corrosion or damage. Inspect caulking around sinks and bathtubs for signs of erosion. Inspect the water heater, making sure there are no signs of moisture or damage.

Exposed pipes

Exposed pipes with indications of water damage

5. Check the exterior of your home: Proper flashing, a well maintained roof, and correct run off from your home can help to prevent water damage. Check that your shingles are not cracked or missing and flashing is intact. Should you notice standing water outside your home you may need to asses run off and have the issue addressed.



Our hope is that you never have to call us for an issue with water damage! By knowing the indications of potential water damage to your home and how to respond, you can reduce your chances of unexpected home repair costs. Should you experience water damage to you home though, Kennedy Restoration can provide you with the knowledge and experience to make sure the issue is properly addressed.

5 easy ways to prevent water damage


Water damage: it can be costly and aggravating at its best or dangerous and destructive at its worst.  While some circumstances (like weather) cannot be avoided, there are ways that we can safeguard our homes against some of the most basic forms of water damage.  In our experience, there are a handful of preventative measures that can be followed to avoid potentially expensive damage.  Here are a few helpful tips to protect your home:   

  1. Install toilet seat locks in your bathroom if you have small children in the home.  This is not only a safety measure, but could protect your home from a toilet overflow!  Small children will often place items in the toilet and flush them, causing damage to the water lines and clogging the system. 
  2. Ice makes are a common culprit when investigating the source of water damage in the kitchen.  Use copper or heavy braided lines to supply water to your icemaker.  Keep these lines in mind when moving your refrigerator and be sure never to bend or kink the icemaker lines.   Dishwasher lines can also easily cause damage, so take care when installing, moving or adjusting this appliance as well. 
  3. Similar to icemakers and dishwashers, washing machine supply lines require care and maintenance.  Rubber washing machine lines are only rated to last 5 years. When was the last time you changed yours?
  4. While skylights can provide beautiful, natural light in your home, they can also be a source of water damage if not maintained with regularity.  Check skylight seals periodically to make sure they are not leaking or rotting. 
  5. Take care of your sewer lines or call a professional to do so for you!  Install backflow preventers in your sewer line if you live on a slope or at the bottom of a hill.

Should you experience any sort of water damage, be sure to take care of it immediately to prevent ongoing damage.  As always, Kennedy Restoration is here to help should you experience any sort of water damage. 

Letter from a Satisfied Customer

At Kennedy Restoration, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the very best in our field. This letter, sent from a customer, demonstrates the care we take with each individual client to ensure they are completely satisfied with the services we provide.

I want to tell you how much we appreciate the work you have done in our home this past year restoring damage from water leaks and a septic tank back up.

We are very happy that American Family Insurance recommended your company when we filed two claims back to back. Your Production Coordinator, Ed Dobson, was competent, easy to work with, very knowledgeable and took really good care of us.

Then we were assigned Armando Ornelas to oversee all of the work and he was fantastic. I do not think I have ever worked with a more kind, diligent, capable or caring person. He knew how to handle every problem that came along and was good at scheduling and rescheduling whatever had to be done. He answered every call and email promptly and made the whole experience very pleasant instead of frustrating – especially when we had a septic back up in the areas that had just been restored only two weeks previously.

The team that handled our septic back up were excellent, prompt, and efficient. We really appreciated how quickly and how well each of them did their jobs. There were about 5 of them and they were there shortly after we reported the back up. One more person we appreciated most of all was Carlin, the jack of all trades. What a fantastic job he did for us in every single thing he was assigned. He did beautiful work on the countertops, putting in the new floating bathroom floor, flooring, painting and a dozen other things. We felt so fortunate that Carlin was assigned to our home for both claims. You are very lucky to have such a talented, competent, hard-working person in your employ. He represented you well in everything he did. We cannot say enough about what a fine person and craftsman Carlin was.

We appreciate that Ed helped work out the details of our final billing with American Family Insurance and helped bring this chapter in our lives to a successful close.


Satisfied customer