Kennedy Restoration’s new Vancouver office

Vancouver office openingKennedy Restoration now has an office in Vancouver, Washington and is ready to assist you with your restoration needs! While we have always extended our services to the Vancouver area (and beyond) the new office was added to better serve Clark County.  Rachel O’Rourke, our marketing representative, will be available to help you at this location.


The office officially opened yesterday with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by the Chamber of Commerce of Vancouver.


Our Vancouver office is located at:


237 NE Chkalov Drive

Vancouver WA 98684



You are always welcome to reach out to us at our Portland location as well, located at:


315 SE 7th Ave

Portland OR 97214



Kennedy Restoration’s Company Picnic

This past Saturday, the Kennedy crew and their families enjoyed a wonderful picnic at Oaks Amusement Park.  Prizes were won, food was served and a great time was had by all!  Thank you to the Kennedy team for all your hard work this year!

Kennedy Restoration – We love golf!

During these warm, summer months, you can always find Kennedy Restoration out on the golf course participating in local events and charities.  Here is our team in action at some events so far this season!

We hope that you are having a great summer!

ReFIT – The Story of Why

Our guest blog today was written by Laurey Maslyk with ReFIT.  Visit their website for more information about this wonderful organization!


The United States is experiencing and will continue to experience a rapid expansion in the number of older adults in our country. Every day approximately 10,000 people turn 65 years old, and this is the just the front end of the baby boomer generation. By 2030 the United States will have 20% of its population over 65, up from 13% in 2010.

Supporting this growing population is a challenge for every community. These older adults wish to stay in their own homes and in the communities they live in.  They wish to continue to live where they have established roots.  Unfortunately this may not always be possible if there are safety risks and barriers in their homes.

Of today’s 85 year olds approximately one-third live with some sort of disability.  Older adults live for decades with a functional disability and if they cannot afford to make the necessary modifications in their own home they would be forced to live in a government funded nursing home. The costs to Medicaid of supporting 1 person in a nursing home is the same as supporting 3 people with supplementary services in their own home.

refit 2

This is where ReFIT (Remodeling for Independence Together), comes in. With the help of professional contractors working in the Portland area, such as Kennedy Restoration, we can provide in home modifications for older adults living under 80% of the median income for our area. With your help, older adults can stay in their homes, happy and healthy, for as long as possible.

refit 1

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If you would like to get involved or make a donation, please go to our web site at and click on the tab “Want to Help”.   Or call us direct at 503-943-9544.

Employee Highlight – Rachel O’Rourke

Here at Kennedy Restoration we pride ourselves on the quality of work we are able to deliver to our customers.  A factor that greatly contributes to our expertise in the industry is our fantastic group of employees.  The employee highlights portion of our blog was created to give you the opportunity to get to know the tremendous staff of Kennedy Restoration.  Today we invite you to meet one of our newest employees, Rachel O’Rourke!


Name and title –  Rachel O’Rourke, Marketing Representative

Rachel 2

How long have you worked in marketing?   

I’ve been with Kennedy Restoration for 1 month.  I have worked in various aspects of marketing in my professional career over the last 15 years.


What do you enjoy about working with Kennedy Restoration?

Kennedy Restoration is a family owned and operated business, and despite its tremendous growth in its 65 years in Portland Metro, it still has that small, close-knit family feel to it.  The employees are happy, which creates an environment that is contagious to our customers.  I feel blessed to work in a company that is so highly regarded in our community!


What brought you to the Portland area?

My husband (a new estimator for Kennedy) and I wanted to raise our children in an area the offered them more opportunities as they grow.  We moved from Chico, Ca to Portland in February 2015 to do just that, and we haven’t regretted it!  We love all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer for our family of 6.

Rachel 1


What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working at Kennedy Restoration?

I love to explore!  Whether it’s finding a new hiking trail, bungee jumping off a bridge, or simply finding a new fabulous restaurant I’m always looking to try something new.  There is no shortage of options in Portland!


Welcome to the team Rachel!

Household appliance safety

Aren’t household appliances great?  They do our dishes, clean our laundry and provide so many other conveniences that make our lives easier!  However, if not properly serviced and cared for, these appliances can cause serious water damage.  Here are a few tips for keeping your appliance in proper working order to prevent water damage to your home:


  • Dishwashers – A dishwasher can be a devastating cause of water damage. A hose can break dramatically, causing immediate, obvious damage to your kitchen or a small leak can go undetected over a period of time, causing lasting damage to floors and walls.  Inspect dishwasher hoses regularly, looking for signs of deterioration, leaking or damage.   Just to be safe, clean dishes can wait! To avoid a pipe burst going undetected for hours at a time, never run your dishwasher when you are not at home.



  • Ice makers – If the tubing used to rout water to the ice maker is plastic (this is common in homes where an ice maker was later installed) it can become corroded, pinched and damaged over time. This can lead to slow leaks and can cause damage to flooring and surrounding walls.  To avoid ice maker leaks, use copper tubing instead of plastic to avoid damage and consider installing a battery operated flood alarm.  This alarm will indicate any increasing moisture in the area.


  • Water heaters – Over time, water heaters can become corroded and damaged from constant use. Often, water heaters will indicate that they are beginning to malfunction by hissing, whistling, showing visible signs of wear, or not producing hot water with the same efficiency they once did. Hot water heaters can also rupture without visible warning, should the corroded area be somewhere out of sight.  This can cause continuous water to flow into your home, resulting in serious damages. Inspect your hot water heater often so you can easily recognize when something isn’t right.  Replace your appliance if it is starting to show signs of damage.  Make sure that water can be routed out off of the floor in case of a small flood by means of a sump pump or catch pan.  An automatic shut off valve can also be installed to limit the amount of damage caused by rapidly escaping water.


  • Washing machines – Washing machine malfunctions are a very common cause of water damage in homes. Burst hoses, water backups and leaks are often the culprits of this type of expensive damage.  To ensure that a pipe break is noticed quickly, never leave this appliance running when you are not at home.  Similar to your dishwasher, inspect hoses often and make sure the appliance is draining properly.  Washing machines should allow about 4 inches from the wall to the back of the machine to prevent kinks or sharp bends to hoses.  An automatic shut off valve can also be installed to prevent serious water damage.


All about ReFIT!

Our guest blog today was written by Laurey Maslyk with ReFIT.  Visit their website for more information about this wonderful organization!


Say hello to Remodeling for Independence Together or ReFIT!  ReFIT is a 502(3)c  non-profit that was started right here in Portland in 1997. A small group of remodeling professionals pulled together to help one of their own make his house ADA compliant for his college aged son who had just become a paraplegic due to a horrific car accident.  Seeing the tremendous difference it can make in a family’s life the group started ReFIT to be able to do the same for others in need.

Our vision is a future in which all seniors and adults with disabilities, including those with limited financial means, will have the opportunity to live a full life and age with dignity in the comfort of their own homes.

At age 27 years old Alex had just graduated from college with his Bachelors degree in social work and was accepted to the graduate program at his University. That summer while waiting for classes to begin in the fall, Alex took a bicycle ride with a friend.  The next thing he knows he had hit something and was flying over his handlebars landing on his back and couldn’t feel anything.

Alex’s annual care at home is at a cost of over $100,000 a year for his parents. His dad lost his business because of having to leave Oregon to care for their son for a year in a rehabilitation facility in Atlanta.  Now that Alex is home to stay his bathroom facilities in the house need to modified to ADA standards. This is where ReFIT comes in.  ReFIT and their amazing professional contractor partners like Kennedy Restoration, will come to this family’s rescue and modify that bath at no cost to the family.


For more stories about ReFIT changes lives please check out our web site at