Wildfire Safety Tips


The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful and ever-changing landscape.  This change is greatly influenced by various natural causes including wildfires.  While the recent heat has allowed us here in Portland to enjoy some lovely summer activities, it increases the chances of these wildfires occurring and causing damage to property.  Here are some basic steps to avoid causing wildfires and protecting your home from potential damage.


  1. Obey all outdoor burning laws for your area.  These are set in place to protect you and those around you.
  2. Be mindful when disposing of combustible materials.
  3. Protect your home by reducing the amount of flammable materials such as extensive foliage and fuel sources around your property.
  4. When building your home or structures, make sure to use fire resistant building materials. Treat existing wood to reduce the chance of a fire taking hold.  Maintain roofing by reapplying flame resistant materials every few years.
  5. Develop a fire emergency plan with family and neighbors to keep everyone safe should a fire occur.

We hope you are enjoying your summer so far, stay safe out there!