Biohazard and Trauma Cleanup with Kennedy Restoration

biohazard symbol

While you may be aware that Kennedy Restoration is a local expert in water, fire and storm restoration, you may not know that Kennedy Restoration is equipped to assist you with trauma scene and biohazard clean up.  This may include animal waste, human waste or blood.  Kennedy Restoration has been doing trauma scene and biohazard cleanup including deaths, cat urine, and sewage for several years. The employees that are dedicated to this cleanup have medical backgrounds and are aware of the risks for the homeowners and property managers.

We acknowledge that the nature of these damages differ from a more routine incident, such as water or fire.  Our staff prides itself on maintaining the utmost professionalism and sensitivity when it comes to a biohazard or trauma clean up.  We will do all we can to make sure your needs are met when dealing with a potentially tragic or uncomfortable situation. 

No one wants to imagine themselves in a situation where biohazard or trauma cleanup is needed, but remember that should you require such services Kennedy Restoration is here to provide you with the quality of work that only extensive experience and knowledge on the topic can provide.