5 Spring Cleaning Projects

Have you looked out your window today? It is BEAUTIFUL outside! Take advantage of these lovely, warm spring days to take on some spring cleaning projects!

  1. Clean out your closet! Do you have coats that made it through winter without getting any wear? Maybe it’s time to donate them or resell them! Why just limit yourself to clothing? Check your kitchen cupboards for gadgets that never get used or plates that don’t fit your taste anymore. Make room in your home and maybe even make some extra cash!
  1. Give your deck a makeover! Get ready for summer barbeques by sprucing up your yard or patio. Wash deck furniture from last year and clear your outdoor area of yard debris. Give your yard some TLC while you’re at it! Take on that garden or landscaping project you’ve been dreaming of all winter and enjoy it all summer long.
  1. How is your carpet holding up? It’s a good idea to deep clean carpet at least once a year to eliminate dust and dirt buildup. Bring in a pro to take on the task, or if you are feeling ambitious, you can rent equipment to do it yourself.
  1. Spring is a great time to check on your gutters. Make sure they are not loose or leaky and clear them of debris. If it’s been a while since your gutters have had an inspection, hire a professional to come take a look.
  1. An annual roof inspection is always a great idea and spring is an excellent time to do it. Winter can be hard on a roof with driving rain and wind, but that damage can be made worse by the hot summer sun. Check that your shingles are in good shape to weather the upcoming heat!

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