5 Outdoor spring cleaning ideas

Spring has sprung, it’s beautiful outside!  It’s easy to find time to clean indoors when it’s rainy and gray, but when the sun is shining who wouldn’t rather be outside?  Your home’s exterior and surrounding area could use some spring cleaning too, so get out in the sun and get your house looking lovely for spring.  If you haven’t started your spring cleaning this season, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Windows – Let more light into your home with fresh, clean windows both inside and out!  You will be surprised how bright your home will be with the dust and grime removed from the exterior of your windows.
  2. Driveway – Weed out any plants trying to grow in small cracks in your driveway and treat the area to prevent them from returning.  Seal over old cracks with new concrete for a nice, even look.
  3. Garage door – When was the last time you gave you garage door a good cleaning?  It will brighten up your whole property to have your door looking fresh and clean.  Use a pressure washer, or just do it by hand with soapy water!
  4. Gutters – Your gutters have had a hard winter!  Clean out debris and leaves and use this time to check for damage to your gutters.
  5. Get ready to grill – Clean off your grill by soaking the wire racks for a few hours, then scrubbing them down with a wire brush. If you are cooking with gas, make sure the hoses are in good working order and your tank hasn’t suffered any damages.

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